I have a logical excuse.

I'm sorry everyone. I've been sick like you wouldn't believe lately. I'm actually not feeling any better now. Still, that won't stop me from getting the show back on the road. That small break that we had for the party was a flop. Sorry about that, but then now that I think about it? We need to get things back to normal. Were did we leave off? I don't even remember. Wern't we on the way of going on the field trip?

I believe so.

Well then, lets get back to the basics okay? Please excuse my absence, but don't think for a second it was intentional. It's just I figured perhaps someone else would of helped out noticing the rather long gap by now.

So, where were we? Oh, Hiro! Thank you for finally posting but...I think it'd be best if you tried to enter yourself into the actual roleplay itself.

Time to start a new thread!

Whose with me?!


Okay! I've decided in honor of the chinese new year. We're going to take a break for this week from the roleplay. To instead begin something new. We'll be celebrating year of the dog of course! Now, while I know Tohru isn't technically part of the family, she can dream right? So, to be fair. (Regardless if Akito likes it or not.) Tohru's going to include herself upon the banquet. While I do admit, it is going slightly out of character to be doing this, the whole point of this roleplay is to have fun. So what better way not to have fun than a week worthy celebration?

I'm not too sure on how to kick things off, perhaps one of you will know a better way. Though all roleplay for now shall cease until next monday.

Thank you, and please enjoy yourself. If you want to go crazy so long as you somehow stick slightly to character then it's all fine by me. I know how we all love to be with our crack chats, and I think it'd be fun to have everyone be able to interact amongst the banquet. If Akito disaproves THAT badly...then...

Party at Shigure's!

Can I get a WooP WooP?!

..*Slaps forehead*

OOC: Oh man, I'm such a ditz. How could I miss such an important day?! ...-sob-

Though, it's a three day celebration right? ..Eh, right? On the plus side, I think I need some intervention classes for my Kyou addiction. *Eyes Yuki* ..HEY if they'd of had a rat backpack i'd of bought it. *cough*

..You guys are horrible! It's NOT just Shigure's year either y'know. *Taps foot, arms folded* I'm..ashamed for any of you to even remember now! Hmph, atleast I had a valid reason for not being on..but that's beside the point..

What about poor Tohru?!

So, I'll be making up some banners or something. Perhaps in honor of the holiday some tohruxshigure smu-- ...stories. *Nods all knowingly* Oh and Kisa I love your banner! ..Though i'd like to know how anyone would get something humorous with Tohru.

...Due to my absence, and because you can't start a party without the main character..we'll begin the fun starting today! ( Tohru some love too -_-!)

Get the party started! =D
we are brosephs

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Happy Year of the Dog!

Ha ha. This was going to be a new thread, but Hana-oneechan created a thread for where I was going while I was distracted! Oh me, oh my! Well, Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! Especially to you, Shigure-ojisan~~.
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First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrates it! ^__^

A plea to all those who have resigned from this RP already: Please make an official post in this community to tell us that you are giving your part up for other people to apply for, so that appropriate changes can be made to the character lists et cetera.

As for those who don't know where to post, just pick a thread and continue from a comment in that post. I'm sure you'll be able to fit in nicely. And in case any one of you missed it, here's the link to admin post that I made earlier, regarding character descriptions and such. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to fill up the necessary forms.

I know there's been some tension in this comm lately, but it's probably just due to the fact that it's been a little stagnant because there's been a lack in posting, but hopefully these problems will be solved soon. The members of this RP are really nice people, and that's why I hope it won't be abandoned like other RPs.

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Shigure: *walks out and clears his throat*

Hello~! As you know, today is the Chinese New Year, and as you may or may not know, it is the year of the Dog. Of course, it has been Sohma tradition to have a banquet for all of the members of Juunishi, so...let the party begin! Ah yes, I would also like Kyou-kun to join in! I expect everyone to be there, especially Aya and Haa-san! Aya my love, you won't forget that it's my year, right?! Plus I also get to do my dance with Kureno to bring in the New Year! I'm looking forward to it!

No New Year isn't complete without presents. So if you were wondering what to get me, I like high school girls in uniform, money, and Tohru-kun's wonderful cooking! All three are preferable.

So everyone, have fun, eat, drink and be merry! Let the fun begin!