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[Admin] Cast List and Character Description

Three cheers for our gorgeous mod and our lovable ginslilvirgin~ AKA our Tohru-chan! She's been so wonderful lately (more so than usual!) and its great to see tons of people applying! ^_^ Remember, to reply here with your current character description and make sure it works with the plot. Each and every single member please read this. Thank you.

Honda Tohru: (being played by ginslilvirgin)
After the first year, Tohru has managed to grow on all of the Sohma's -- even quite possibily Akito. Hard to say actually. Progressivly as each day passes Tohru discovers things even she had no idea of. Her possibility of a love interest are still unknown, this being due to that half the time being so overly busy with work or racking her brain over school. Lately though? She's had time to contemplate, and while it may be still unknown to many, little by little... Tohru makes up her mind steadily about what to do with herself, her dreams, love and ambitions..

Uotani Arisa: (being played by highshelf)
Arisa is very outgoing and tough. But around her two best friends Tohru and Hanajima, she is the sweetest soul. The only tip I give about dealing with her personality is that you better not mess with her friends. But Arisa has a sweet side and a Soft spot for Kureno Sohma but she doesn't know that he is related to the Sohma's she knows. She doesn't even know his name.

Hanajima Saki: (being played by sushikat)
Hana is a very kind individual with the ability to sense and even sometimes manipulate the "waves" the flow throughout people and the environment. She has a very cool and regal disposition, though a lot of the things that come out of her mouth are very...odd. Though a seemingly aloof person, Hana has a soft spot for her two friends, Tohru and Arisa, and she only threatens people with her 'denpa' if they are, in turn, threatening Tohru. She dresses in all black constantly, no matter what the occasion, and can often go to very extreme ends with her attraction to the color.

Sohma Yuki: (being played by cardiacs)
A very quiet, shy, and particularly beautiful individual who has trouble socializing with others because of his past. Yuki's considered a "Prince" at school and has a league of twisted fangirls that'll stop at nothing to keep Tohru away from him and sweep him away for themselves. He loves to spend time at his "secret base" gardening and enjoys being around Tohru, who seems to be able to bring out the best in him and helps him come out of his shell a little more each day. He's jealous of, the "Baka Neko", Kyou and is constantly battling it out with him, winning each and every battle with ease. He's also deathly afraid of Akito, the head of the Sohma house, who he shares a horrible past with.

At the moment; Yuki has been trying to come to terms with his feelings for Tohru. And he's trying to be a little more civil with Kyou and keep things peaceful between the two of them.

Sohma Kyo: (being played by sepiaswirl)
The curse and shunned cat of the Chinese zodiac, Kyou Sohma is nothing short of a short-tempered, quick-to-pick a fight boy and he will stop at nothing to defeat his stealthy and beautiful cousin Yuki in a fight. He lives as if he doesn't care about anyone,but even Kyou has his sweet side, even if he tries to hide it. Of course, he has other, darker secrets too...

What has he been up to: In one year, Kyo will be confined to the Sohma estate. Everyone knows that. He knows that. He lives with that knowledge and it's slowly beginning to dawn on him that there is nothing he can do about it. He loves Tohru very much, and is a little afraid of the fact that he's slowly starting to "get along" with Yuki. Is time running out?

Sohma Ritsu: (being played by nikkibyun)
In every family, there's said to always be a black sheep. Ritsu believes that he is the one in his family-- as well as the monkey of the zodiac. With very low self-esteem, Ritsu is a very pessimistic person which drives him to the conclusion that he brings disgrace to his family. Thinking about those kinds of negative things, he dresses up as a girl to conceal his feelings of inadequacy. Often times, Ritsu panics and apologizes to people even though he is not at fault, and sometimes it leads him to wanting to commit suicide. He may be a paranoid person at times but when something isn't bothering him, or when he's calm, he's a very respectful and friendly person.

Sohma Kagura: (being played by shyunpo)
Nursing a shattered (but not yet broken) heart and perhaps extremely close and ready to give up on her Kyo-kun. Kagura, at Kisa and Rin's (double-teamed) insistence, has renewed determination to prove her love and good intentions to a certain cat. In a womens college and working hard on her degree, Kagura lives with Rin and frequently tries her best to show her appreciation for Kyo every single day. But with each day brings new maturity and solemness to the boar. Will she lose herself as she tries her best? Or will Kyo finally open his eyes?

Sohma Rin(Isuzu): (being played by hanyou_yoake)
Other than keeping her eye on Hatsuharu every few days to check up on him, no one really knows what the Horse of the Zodiac has been up to. Still living with Kagura, she occasionally sees Hiro and perhaps Akito, though the latter does not seem to be likely considering her intense dislike of the Head of the House. She has begun to try and find out what exactly makes everyone so wild and protective about Tohru.

Sohma Kureno: (being played by reminiscence__)
Hardly leaving the Sohma estate, Kureno is somewhat new to the outside world. He is the rooster of the twelve zodiacs. Kureno is usually found with Akito, walking the the gardens or the sorts, which means he hardly interacts with the other Sohmas. He has a rather mysterious personality, and sometimes he just lightens up.

Sohma Momiji: (being played by fat)
Momiji, on the surface is a hyper boy who hasn't had his growth spurt yet, and tries his best to appear happy to everyone else. Inside, he's just a broken little soul who needs some love from the mother he never had. He used to dress as a girl at school, but has recently started wearing the boys' uniform and looks more like a male fifteen year old. Miraculously, he has been released of his curse, but isn't enjoying it very much. He has also discovered that he's in love with Tohru but doesn't want her to know because it would cause her to fret since it's rather blatant she likes Kyou. The poor child feels that it would've been better if Kyou had been the one who'd been released from the curse instead, because Tohru would've been happier that way.

Sohma Hatori: (being played by afterglowsecret)
Hatori Sohma, the quiet, introspective doctor, tends to Akito at the main Sohma compound and also visits each respective Sohma's house to check up on them as well. Having finished medical school a few years ago, Hatori returned to the Sohma compound to help Akito-san in his dying days. But even in the darkest days with Akito-san, Hatori still finds gallons of pleasure in simply spending time with his two best friends, Shigure and Ayame. When he is not taking care of Akito or spending time with family, he reads up on interesting medical studies involving cancer and right now is currently working on a report on breast cancer which he hopes to publish soon.

Sohma Akito: (being played by ilovehugs)
Being the head of the clan, Akito Sohma sees it as his God given right to manipulate and order each Sohma as he pleases. Their feelings and happiness matter not to him, only the satisfaction of seeing them unhappy and alone appeases him. Even with his Godly status, he is a victim to poor health and usually has Hatori with his hands full looking after him. Imagine his immense displeasure when he learns that a girl by the name of Honda Tohru has learned of their cursed status and has each of the cursed zodiac gaining a fast attachment with her.

Sohma Hatsuharu: (being played by nova_sunday)
Often called Haru, Hatsuharu's Zodiac animal is the Cow. Hatsuharu and Kyo have been rivals for a long time due in large part to Haru's split personality, which came about at a young age due to the constant harassment and amusement of those around him; believing the small child to be nothing of a fool for letting the Rat ride on his back to the banquet. His darker side, often called Black-Haru, changes the usually stone faced boy into a vengeful, raging madman. This side usually brought out by Kyo or the younger Juunishi -- Momiji and Kisa, by that of being teased or tormented by others. He admires Yuki in a way that Ayame does for Hatori, though others believe otherwise. He attends Kaibara High School as a freshmen with Momiji, Yuki, Kyo and Tohru. His nature is usually quiet and thoughtful, only acting out when provoked or greatly angered. He fears rejection and only allows himself to be close to few of the family, often coming off as cold and uncaring. Still lingering to the hope of being with Rin, he refuses to accept her decision that their break-up is final, desiring to be close to her once again.

Sohma Kisa: (being played by sarahakacelebi)
Kisa Sohma used to be a very shy girl, who never said a word. Immense teasing at school led her to be introverted, and her mother's overprotectiveness didn't help. However, with people on her side such as Hatsuharu, Hiro, Tohru, and the other Sohmas, Kisa has slowly become a normal girl.
Kisa now goes to school regularly, and also spends her spare time visiting Tohru or Hiro. She fits very well into the 'little sister' role.

Sohma Hiro:

Sohma Ayame: (being played by pentacle_fate)
Since the explusion with Akito, Ayame has been living with both Shigure and Hatori, flitting back between both homes and his apartment in between. He's been trying his best to be more mature for his brother. Apparently, he has been drawing dresses and the like during his spare time. He misses his 'Tori-san' and 'Gure-san' and he especially misses his brother--Yuki, who he hasn't had any is open to him or not. Ayame is trying his best to forge a relationship with his brother. However, he's still the lovable snake you all knew!

Sohma Shigure: (being played by cross_chord)
The dog of the zodiac, Sohma Shigure seems friendly and cheerful on the outside, but can actually be quite the serious man when he needs to be. A famous novelist at the age of 28, Shigure lives off of the Sohma compound, in the middle of the woods with his two cousins Yuki and Kyo, and their friend Tohru. For as long as he can remember, he has been friends with Hatori and Ayame, and when the three of them are together, they form what is known as the "Mabudachi Trio." Every weekend, Shigure is found visiting Akito, the head of the Sohma family, to keep him updated on the goings on in his life.

Kuragi Machi: (being played by chrnoangel)
Machi is a very quiet girl who does not speak much. Many in which, had thought of her as a strange girl. Machi is the school treasurer and senior member of the school council. Although she is part of the school council, she always tends to keep things to herself. Alone, Machi has some random outbursts of anger, which causes her to make a mess, and damage things. Machi is the only one who doesn't think of Yuki as a 'prince', and she is able to see beyond that and realize that Yuki, in reality, seems like a lonely person. Slowly, Machi tends to think of Yuki more and more, and most likely Yuki is the key to help Machi speak out more.

Sakuragi Naoto: (being played by yuzurenai)
Naoto is a first year student who is a secretariat for the student council. He is rather grumpy when it comes to situations concerning the school council. He has the tendency to be rather mean at times, only because he wants everything to be perfect. Naoto takes his job very seriously. The fact that the other members of the council don't take him seriously agitates him more.

He sees Yuki as his (love) rival; trying hard to beat Yuki in many things.
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