RJ (ginslilvirgin) wrote in fruits_medley,

..*Slaps forehead*

OOC: Oh man, I'm such a ditz. How could I miss such an important day?! ...-sob-

Though, it's a three day celebration right? ..Eh, right? On the plus side, I think I need some intervention classes for my Kyou addiction. *Eyes Yuki* ..HEY if they'd of had a rat backpack i'd of bought it. *cough*

..You guys are horrible! It's NOT just Shigure's year either y'know. *Taps foot, arms folded* I'm..ashamed for any of you to even remember now! Hmph, atleast I had a valid reason for not being on..but that's beside the point..

What about poor Tohru?!

So, I'll be making up some banners or something. Perhaps in honor of the holiday some tohruxshigure smu-- ...stories. *Nods all knowingly* Oh and Kisa I love your banner! ..Though i'd like to know how anyone would get something humorous with Tohru.

...Due to my absence, and because you can't start a party without the main character..we'll begin the fun starting today! (So..show Tohru some love too -_-!)

Get the party started! =D
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