K (cross_chord) wrote in fruits_medley,

[PAR-TAY AT SHIGURE'S] Shigure's House - Shigure and anyone else who wants to party!

Shigure looked around his house with a big smile on his face. The decorations were up, the food was set out, the music was playing, and everything looked perfect! It had to be, for it was an important day...

Happy New Year Everyone! proclaimed the banner hanging on one of the walls. This year was extra special for Shigure. After all, it was the year of the dog, and Shigure and Tohru were the guests of honor at this party.

After looking found one more time, Shigure gave the room a thumbs up and went off in search of Tohru. "Toh~ru-kun! Where are you? People will be arriving any second now!"

It was decided that this year, the Juunishi party would be held at Shigure's house so that way everyone could participate. Shigure, of course, reveled in the opportunity to host such an important event, and Tohru had jumped at the chance to help out in any way she could.

"Tohru-kun!" Shigure called again. Where was she? No year of the dog party wouldn't be complete without Tohru! Glancing at the clock then at the door, Shigure waited anxiously for his guests to arrive.

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