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[Compile | Entrance Hall] Hana, Kazuma, + Kisa

[OCC: My first compile! Tell me if I did something wrong.]

Sighing, Hana wandered into Tohru's room and looked around. It was oddly messy for someone so clean...something particularly strange caught her eye. If she wasn't mistaken, those were Yuki's clothes

Hana stood in the room for a while, simply looking around and continuing to wonder why Yuki's clothes were on the bed along with Tohru's. She knew neither Yuki nor Tohru would ever try anything with each other, and it didn't seem like Tohru had been folding, for while the girl's clothing looked clean, Yuki's looked recently worn. The piles looked somewhat messy, though...perhaps Hana could clean it up for her friend. With a smile, Hana set to doing so. adding a black ribbon to one of Tohru's shirts here and there to pretty it up.

After the clothes were all in a neat pile with Yuki's set unfolded to the side (she hadn't been sure what to do with them), however, Hana sighed and decided that Tohru was not returning any time soon. She looked out the window thoughtfully, then turned and exited. She looked up and down the hall, wondering where she ought to go next, when her stomach decided for her with an audible growl.

Hana gazed down at in mild surprise, not having realized that she was hungry in all the excitement. Perhaps there would be something in the kitchen she could eat...and maybe Megumi would be there too. He seemed to have not followed her up to Tohru's room. Having decided, Hana started heading down the hall.

Kazuma walked up the pathway to Shigure's house, a serene expression on his face as was his usual. He'd come to see if Kyo was up to discussing a few things before they went on their scheduled trip. He didn't want the lad to do anything that could jeopardise things, not with everyone and his dog (literally) going to be there. He needed to know Kyo was going to be all right.

He stopped to look around a bit. It had been a while since he'd been at Shigure's house like this. Normally he came and went, without much time to look at anything. Really look at things, not just a random glance here or there. As he was in no rush, he bent down to look at, and pick up a leaf which had fallen from one of the many trees bordering the property.

How very like Shigure to pick a place such as this, he mused as he twirled the golden leaf in his fingers. Tranquility, interspersed with layers of meaning upon meaning. Constant renewal of life, turning into death, then life again. Very much like the tides of the years, each one running into the next, never stopping or changing. But things did change. Imperceptably, but change was there for anyone who cared to look.

Finally he decided it was time to fulfill what he'd come to Shigure's for. He had a renewed sense of purpose as he completed the walk up the path to the house, standing outside the door, ready to knock. He could hear voices, so he knew someone was in, but would they open the door to him?

Only one way to find out. He knocked gently on the shoji panelling of the door.

Kisa slowed to a stop, taking deep breaths. She was glad to be out of that situation. Even though she cared for Haru, she didn't want to stay through that. He and Rin weren't going to be interrupted by her. Kisa had to dispel those images from her mind. She closed her eyes, concentrating very hard on anything but that. She managed to calm herself down completely in a matter of minutes. As the time passed, the Tiger's breath evened out. Her cheeks slowly returned to their normal color, instead of the flambouyant red they were.

Kisa sighed softly. She would have to go back to the laundry room to get her backpack later. Until then, Kisa decided, she would work on finding someone else she knew. Her eyes wandered the hallway, seeking out anyone. Rin had told her Hiro would be here, somewhere, sometime. Kisa tried not to get her hopes up, reminding herself that finding anyone else would be good.

The person Kisa did see was someone she had spotted at the festival. A dark haired girl, one of Tohru-oneechan's friends. The Tiger stayed very still, in case she hadn't been seen yet. Then she heard a gentle knocked and spun her head to see the door. Who would that be? Was it that girl from before? Or someone else? The little Tiger wondered if she should open the door or not, still staying very still.

Hana descended the steps, her long black skirt brushing the stairs behind her as she practically glided down. She was lost in thought, still musing about why Yuki's clothes had been mixed in with Tohru's, not to mention the two new pets that the Sohmas had apparently obtained since the last time she'd been over. One would think that Tohru would have mentioned any such adorable new presence.

From the stairs, it was only a few steps to the entrance way, and it was there that Hana paused, trying to remember where the kitchen was. A slight breeze from outside touched her hair, pulling loose a few strands. It had been so long...She gazed off into space, her face expressionless as she searched her memory as well as the mixed denpa filling the house in hopes of sensing someone hungry...

Hana started. Not that kind of hungry...

As she searched, she noticed that most of the denpa had the strange feel of Kyou, Yuki, and Shigure's. There was also another, passingly familiar presence just outside the door.

Hana's heart leapt into her throat. She looked left first, up the stairs to see if there was anyone there. Once satisfied, she glanced right, finally seeing a young girl looking very much frozen in place. Hana gave her a small smile of acknowledgement, then turned toward the door.

"There's no one coming," she announced softly, not really even aware that she was speaking out loud. "It would be more rude to leave him outside than to answer a door not belonging to me." And with that, Hana reached out a black-manicured hand and pulled the door open with an almost dramatic flourish.

"Erm....Hi. You're...you're Hanajima Saki-san, right?" Kazuma stuttered, surprised at who opened the door. He vaguely remembered the dark-clad girl as a friend of Honda-san's, which was a wonder in and of itself. Apart from anyone connected to the dojo, he didn't seem to remember very many people as he had no real reason to.

"I was wondering if Sohma Kyo was here? I would like to have a word with him if possible, please," he finished, feeling incredibly lame all of a sudden. He tried to look as nonchalant as possible, yet noticed her long black hairskirt, and black top. He finally decided it would be polite to acknowledge the girl's appearance. After all, that's what one did with girls, wasn't it? It seemed to please them anyway.

"Erm...you look very nice today," he commented quietly to her, stumbling a little over the words. Imagine, a grown man, stuttering and stumbling over his words, and over a mere slip of a girl at that. Maybe he should be locked away, he thought then chuckled to himself. He hadn't actually said anything untoward. At least he hoped not. He was well aware this particular girl could take care of herself, at any rate. If she didn't like what he had to say, he would soon know of it.
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