[Compile | Outside Shigure's House, Near the woods] Tohru, Yuki,Momiji

So, as some of you may or may not know; your lovely Tohru went on a trip. Where? To Chcago! ..Well, sord of. Anyway, I understand in a way it may of felt as if I just up and died on the roleplay, but that was never my intention. Things just happend kind of sudden, so I didn't score much of a chance to inform all of you. Though, from the look of it? Everyone has things pretty down pat. I even see a new layout scheme! (Very nice, makes me think of spring!)

Anyhow, I don't know if I told all of you. This Sunday is the start of the chinese new year. Haa, where my dogs at? ^_^! I know earlier I said we'd all do something special for Shigure, but over the weekend as I was coloring a picture a friend drew up of Tohru..(Long story short as a dog) I go, "WAIT! ..I forgot Tohru's a dog too!" However, I didn't want to be selfish either, and just having all of you here is more than enough for me. If you'd still like to do something special perhaps for Shigure and Tohru both, a drabble, doodle something of the sort. I'll gladly showcase it on Sunday. (Which I promise you i'll be here for sure)

Oh, I don't mean to make this OOC huge but I had some trouble deciding on how to re-compile this new thread since Tohru kind of ditched everyone else with Yuki and Momiji. So, since I can do what I want and I'm cool like that..I'll just make it a new thread. The old one will still be there for the others to re-compile too, but this one shall be new. Kazuma, you should do the same once you and Kyou have your moment.

Moving on!

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FASHION ❧ the witching hour
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Hello, it's your co-mod again. I would like ALL MEMBERS to check their parts in the following links:

Original Characters Information
Cast List and Character Description
Contact Details
Birthday List
Members Information

To those who haven't submitted their parts to any of these posts, please do so in comments to THOSE POSTS THEMSELVES. Those who want to make changes can comment to those entries as well.

As of now, we have many threads going on, and everything's pretty messed up with people leaving threads and not going into a new thread. Therefore I am unable to provide the links for the threads, but I hope members who have not found a thread yet can do so quickly, for the sake of the RPG.

Also, for those who do not wish to participate in this RPG anymore, please make a personal entry on your departure.

And, no hard feelings, but I think it would be appropriate for those who don't have characters to roleplay in this game to leave the community.

Thank you for your attention, and I hope fruits_medley will become just a little more organized with this post.

- Seal-chan aka fat
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FASHION ❧ the witching hour
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[Admin] Original Characters

Hello all, this is co-mod fat, formerly known as _krad_. I play Momiji, if this rings a bell. Hopefully my change in usernames won't confuse anyone. This post was made by shyunpo earlier on, but since she has resigned from her role of Kagura, I figured someone had to take care of the OCs. Tohru, please tell me when the OCs will be able to participate in the RP; I'm sure it won't be in this arc because most of the OCs are involved in school and will not be going on the fieldtrip with the Juunishi.


From this point onward Original Characters will be accepted. If there are any questions, please reply here and I will try my best to get back at you and answer anything you may have for me. We need a LOT of students and teachers, etc for the next arc – so please, apply for at least one OC character (two will be accepted). OC applications reply to this post. You will be accepted at once if your application is satisfactory.

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[split | main house] Hatori, Akito, -Mayuko,-Shigure,-Ayame

Anticipating the end of his visit with Akito, Hatori stood up from his kneeling submissive stance and picked up his jacket again, slipping it on. His eyes lingered on Akito briefly before he mentally shook his head at his younger cousin's retort, finally coming to rest on a nearby window.

But, the dragon fully expected a bitter response to his simple compliance with his plan and had way too much experience dealing with the other's rapid mood swings. Brushing his fingers across his jacket to pick up a stray ball of lint, the doctor pondered for a moment about his cousin's question: "Where's Kureno?" Hatori's two year younger cousin, a meek and kind member of the cursed portion of the family, normally never strayed even ten feet away from the clan leader and dared not to disobey any order of Akito.

That's odd.. he's usually attached at the hip with Akito, he thought to himself as he streched his left arm out. From sitting for hours at a time at his desk, the dragon's entire body felt slightly sore from staying in the same position for so long. Hatori popped his neck to finish his brief streching session and answered Akito's question.

"I'm not sure where Kureno is. Isn't he normally with you?," he inquired, his eyebrow tilting up in a "I really don't know" fashion.
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Ritsu, Kureno, Hiro- where are you?

As a co-mod, I can definitely say I am not very happy with the following players for not responding to the RP:

1) Ritsu
2) Kureno
3) Hiro

We have now started the second arc, and it is absolutely necessary that the following players respond to the arc in some way or fashion. Although I don't have the powers to kick, I'm sure that our admin will not hesitate if things do not change soon.

If you cannot continue to particpate in the RP, please contact ginslilvirgin asap.

Thank you.
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